• A Good Night Sleep is important for all aspects of your health because it helps restore, repair and revitalize you for the future.
  • A Good Night sleep is important for the brain because it improves: cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance.
  • Sleep deprivation is not pretty… and forget about any of the above benefits!
  • There are many studies that have been done to prove this point. A study on medical interns whose traditional extended work hours > 24 hrs made 36% more serious medical errors, than interns that were rested.
  • I guess the first question to ask an intern when you encounter them is how much sleep they’ve had! A 2nd study found sleep deprivation can mimic some aspects of brain function that is like some degree as alcohol intoxication.
  • The importance of good sleep should never be underestimated in regards to the skills needed to solve problems or improve memory in anyone

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Dr Pat